22-10 Resolving Consumer Disputes

  • General principles. The Tribe values its customers and intends, at all times, to see that questions, concerns, issues, and/or disputes raised by consumers are addressed in a fair and orderly manner. However, nothing in this section shall be construed as a waiver of the Tribe's or the financial services licensee's or tribal debt collection licensee's sovereign immunity or any of the rights and privileges attendant thereto.
  • Initial dispute resolution procedure.
    • Consumers who, in the course of their otherwise lawful and proper use of a licensee's business, have concerns about the operation of any part of the licensee's operation that pertain to the consumer or who otherwise believe themselves to be aggrieved by some aspect of the operation of any part of the licensee's business, shall direct their concerns or dispute in the first instance to the management of the licensee, either orally or in writing.
    • The licensee shall also expediently gather sufficient facts to make a determination about the dispute. The licensee shall inform the complainant, either orally or in writing, about its initial determination as soon as is reasonably practicable. If the consumer concern or dispute is unresolved through the initial dispute resolution procedure, then a licensee shall notify the consumer in writing of his or her right to contact the Authority about the dispute and his or her rights to pursue formal dispute resolution under Subsection C of this section. Complaints can be submitted to the complaint email hotline at: support@northernstarlending.com or by calling the complaint hotline at (800)-635-1153.
  • Formal dispute resolution procedure.
    • In the event of a consumer dispute, complainants who have followed the initial dispute resolution procedure described in Subsection B and who are dissatisfied with a licensee's initial determination, may request review of the initial determination by the licensee by submitting a request to the Authority in writing (to the Menominee Tribal Consumer Financial Services Regulatory Authority, P.O. Box 910 Keshena, WI, 54135) no later than 90 days after being informed about the initial determination by the licensee. The consumer's written request must include the following information:
      • The consumer's full name, as it appears on the consumer's loan contract, as well as the consumer's address, email address, and phone number.
      • A copy of the consumer's loan agreement, or otherwise identify the loan agreement.
      • A copy of the licensee's determination.
      • A written request that summarizes with specificity the events and circumstances giving rise to the alleged wrongful action or inaction of the financial services licensee or tribal debt collection licensee and the relief requested.
      • A statement requesting a review hearing before the Authority. If a hearing is requested, the consumer must indicate whether he will appear personally or if he would prefer to appear by telephone. The consumer must also indicate whether he will be represented by an attorney or if he will represent himself.
      • Any other information the consumer feels may be relevant to the complaint or that may assist the Authority evaluate the complaint.
    • The Authority shall investigate the dispute in any manner it chooses. The Authority may offer the complainant a fair opportunity to be heard regarding the dispute, in person or through telephonic conference, either before or after the Authority makes its own inquiries.
    • A complainant may be represented by legal counsel at the consumer's own expense. The complainant's opportunity to be heard, if granted, shall take place, except as determined by the Authority, no less than 10 days and no more than 60 days after the Authority receives the complainant's written request.
    • In connection with a dispute, the Authority may conduct and issue such review, interviews, sworn statements, depositions, and other discovery as the Authority requests. In each instance, the licensee, complainant and other interested persons must cooperate with the Authority and provide such information and documents as the Authority deems necessary or advisable to make a determination.
    • After reviewing and/or investigating (if the Authority chooses), and within 30 days after affording the complainant an opportunity to be heard, the Authority shall issue a written opinion on the complainant's written request for review, and shall mail a copy of the opinion to the complainant at his or her last known address.
    • The Authority shall consider all applicable tribal and federal law in its opinion.
    • The Authority may grant or deny a consumer complaint and grant or deny such relief, if any, as the Authority determines in its sovereign discretion. The opinion shall inform the complainant that he or she may appeal the Authority's decision as set forth in this section.
    • A complainant may appeal an Authority opinion by filing a written appeal to the Tribal Court within 20 days of receiving the Authority's final written decision in accordance with current rules of court and procedure of the Menominee Tribal Court. A Tribal Court review of any Authority opinion shall consider any applicable tribal and federal law and regulation.
    • The tribal dispute resolution process authorized under this chapter is considered by the Tribe to constitute a petition for redress submitted to a sovereign government, without waiver of sovereign immunity or exclusive jurisdiction, and does not create any binding procedural or substantive rights for a complainant.
    • For a full copy of the Menominee Tribal Consumer Financial Services Regulation visit: https://ecode360.com/35066616

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